What’s happened before? Part 1: Biting in the big (sour?) apple!

We knew the ship with our 508erin would take three weeks to get over the sea.  A car (to trivialize our motor home) in big cities shall not be easy. So we decided to discover New York, Washington DC and Baltimore a few days before. We had no clue what we have to expect. Two Austrian guys leaving everything from home. Especially getting away from our girlfriends was heart breaking.

The first impression when we got out of the metro at centre Manhattan of New York was breathtaking. It’s not TV, it was reality! You can’t imagine how big it is, when you’ve never been there! So we discovered several places trying not to stumble, because our eyes were always on the top the buildings. We caught the busy busy Wall Street, Time Square, World Trade Center Memorial, …  and many other places.  At all we sniffed to the history of American immigrants at Liberty and Ellis Island. Looking for relatives and catching the amazing view to Manhattan and Brooklyn. Our hostel was close to Central Park, so we spent some time there relaxing, playing Frisbee and drinking … out of a bag (funny doing that film cliché 😉 ). “Far away”  from the turbulent city.

New York was great experience, at least for a few days, but you need a big wallet. That’s not our sense of low budget travelling.

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