Traveling with girlfriends: Part 3 – San Francisco

Before we started our trip, one of the first things we knew what we have to do in US is to ride the Golden Gate Bridge with our 508erin. So we put “When we’re going to San Francisco… “ into the radio and enjoyed the drive. This bench mark we dreamed for nearly three years was reached: Our van in San Francisco! 🙂

We had not much time, because our girlfriends will leave in two days. It was impossible to discover this city in that time, but we tried to get so many impressions as possible. We checked in at our hotel in the Mission District with two double bed rooms to have some private sphere (Do not disturb!) and took the bus to city center. A walk through Chinatown was our first destination. Everybody was hungry and so we chose a restaurant there. Not the best decision, we know better ones! 😛

Then we walked up the Russian Hill to get an awesome view to the steep streets and Alcatraz and down to Fisherman’s Wharf. By the Ghirardelli Square and the Van Ness Beach ended our trip. We got back close to our hotel and checked out how the bar and club culture in San Francisco is. Seemed to be good, because it was suddenly 2:30 am!

Getting up at 7:45 next morning was terrible. We had booked a Hop-on-hop-off tour for that day. Only with a coffee for breakfast and a dizzy head we started the tour at Columbus Street. At Battery Point Kahti and Peppi hop off to change the line to Sausalito and Babsi and Kali continued. Kathi and Peppi enjoyed the drive in the first row of the “double decker bus” across the bridge. Sausalito was a nice little charming city. They continued and passed the Golden Gate Park, Haight Ashbury, Castro, and hop off at Civic Center.

Babsi and Kali visited the Japanese Tea Garden in the Golden Gate Park, walked on top of the tower from DeYoung Museum and chilled a while at the Stow Lake. Wow, so many impressions in such a short time. We were very satisfied of the different styles and architecture of the city, but we were also astonished about the thousands homeless. San Francisco shall be the most expensive city for living in US. Three months without a job and you have to live on the streets.

At 7:00 pm we met to do the Hop-on-hop-off-night-tour together. We saw other parts of the city and went across the Bay Bridge to Treasure Island. The sunset presented us a gorgeous view to the center of San Francisco. Everybody got sad when we recognized that it was the last night with our girlfriends for a long time.

We had our last dinner for four in a nice restaurant at Union Street and got back to our hotel at midnight. Saying good bye at the airport was heart breaking, but our travels must go on. Sweet kisses to Babsi and Kathi!

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