Summarizing our travels in Mexico at Laguna Bacalar

We were so sorry for our friend Marcus. His vacation was over and he had to go back to Austria. By bus he went to Cancun, where he flew back the next day. We decided also to leave Mahahumal next day and headed to the Laguna Bacalar. There were some things we had to organize (watertank refill, laundry, shopping, …). At a little water park with restaurant we were allowed to stay overnight for a little fee at the parking lot.

The next day we spent relaxing and swimming at the incredible Laguna. Clearest and bluest blue water! J There were only two places we can compare with this water quality: Crater Lake in Oregon US (too cold for swimming) and the Golf of Baja California in Mexico. Then we changed our campsite to a cheaper (50 Peso/Person/night) and better one with a little boat harbor.

The next two days we spent the time for planning and organizing our following travel, a bit swimming and relaxing, visiting the town Bacalar and summarizing our vacation in Mexico. We were travelling in Mexico for more than two months and we never expected this country to be so great. Many people in US, who had never been in Mexico, told us that it is so dangerous and they will kidnap us or cut off our heads. Other guys, who had been already in Mexico, highly recommended it to us.

Except the first day entering Mexico with corrupt police and a dead guy covered with a blanket on the road, we never felt uncomfortable here or were scared of something.

Summarizing some facts of Mexico, how we realized this country:

  • Gorgeous landscape with desert, lonely beaches, hot springs, funky cities, jungle, volcanoes, highlands, cenote caverns,… 😛
  • Friendly and helpful people everywhere! Two new good friends, who travelled nearly two weeks with us! We even got an invitation of a very nice family to their home and met so many other great guys on our way.
  • Big and old history: 10.800 year old rock paintings, Aztec and Maya ruins, places where revolutions for independence started, …
  • Amazing wildlife: foxes, coyotes, snakes, tarantulas, mantis, sea lions, dolphins, sting rays, turtles, sharks, hummingbirds, howler monkeys, vultures, many different kind of colorful butterflies and birds … to count only a few of the animals and insects we had seen.
  • Drove about 7500 km with mostly really bad road conditions
  • Visited 14 states
  • Very cheap (except the big tourist destinations) and delicious food!
  • What we really hated at some places: Days of rain, mosquitoes and sand flies! But nothing else!

So many impressions we will never forget! One day we have to come back, maybe with speaking a better Spanish! 😉 MANY THANKS TO ALL THE GUYS WE MET IN THIS GREAT COUNTRY! VIVA LA MEXICO!

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