Nicaragua: Discovering the land of volcanoes!

Border crossing was a bit crazy. Since the 1st of November you need an invitation of a local, elsewhere it is difficult to get a permit or passport stamp for visiting Nicaragua. We waited more than two hours just for this stamp, but after four hours at all, we were ready to go. Finding a campsite wasn’t easy, so we stayed for one night at a hostel in Esteli.

We were surprised of the good roads and well developed city. You see the influence of US with Burger King, Pizza Hut, … and many people speak good English. Early in the morning we continued going south, passed huge rice fields and cow paddocks and were wondering about no trash around. It seems the garbage disposal is good working and you can see people recycling. Wow! Nearly European standard!

Early in the afternoon we arrived at a campsite by the Laguna Apoyo. The facilities were not the best, but it was enough for us and close to the lagoon. We had delicious cheap lunch at a restaurant and enjoyed swimming in the deeply blue lake with a kind of jungle surrounding. For dinner we went to a close backpacker hostel and had a few drinks until late in the night.

Next morning we went to the most active Vulcan in Central America, the Vulcano Masaya. It is very impressive going up the steep road to the top, when you see huge wads of smoke. On the top hiking is not allowed, because it would be too dangerous in case of an eruption. It was still a new great experience seeing an active volcano. There is a also good museum at the visitor center. Later at our travels we heard, visiting at night would be better, because then you can see the red lava glowing. Maybe next time …

Back at our campsite by the Laguna Apoyo we prepared barbeque at evening. Peppi just started the campfire, when he had his first experience with a little poisoning scorpion. He just passed his feet and this was the reason why he had to die. But the barbeque was OK. We drank a few beer and listened to some travel stories of Megan from England and Alex from Canada.

Overnight we usually pack our camping chairs under our van. Next morning when we fixed our stuff for going on, a tarantula felt comfortable on our chair. We forced it to go and this beast was really fast and hid behind a wheel of our van. The jungle surrounding was great, but you don’t feel comfortable with poisoning insects around. Next destination was the colorful city Granada …


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