Costa Rica: Going south … Rapido!

At 6:45 Peppi took the bus from San José to Puntarenas and at 9:30 he caught the ferry back to the peninsula Nicoya. Close at 11:00 Kali and Jules came along. It was a kind of exchange, because Jules took the 12:30 ferry. She had to fly back home in two days. Some time was left to drink a beer together, before we had so say goodbye. It was a pleasure to travel with our friend Jules from Austria.

Kali and Peppi continued and found after two little river crossings a great camp spot close to the Playa Coyote. The Hostel Alouatta is leaded by a young Dutch couple and we felt really comfortable there. We spent two days relaxing and going to the near beach. Also spider monkeys are around and from the distance you hear howler monkeys. The owner called the optician in Nicoya and they told him that the glasses of Kali are ready for pick up. So we left immediately to get there.

They made a mistake with one glass, because they inverted two values. Of course they accepted their fault and told us, it would be ready for pick up next afternoon. In the city Nicoya is not much to do and we had the whole day for free. So we decided to let wash our van, because it was muddy all over. This was the guy, who had seen our 508erin before he started.

The result was amazing. We couldn’t remember that we have a red van … 😉 The night we spent in a cheap, but really dirty and uncomfortable hotel in the city center. Next day we waited all the time and in the afternoon they promised that the glasses will be ready at 6:00 pm. It was a lie and the glasses are still in the headquarters in San José. We had already booked the shipment of our van back to Europe and we had to bring it to the port of Colón in Panama until the 8th of February.

We decided to pick up the glasses in San José the next day. We didn’t want to stay one another night in this hotel we’d been. It was already dark, when we went on to drive at least a few kilometers. At the beach in El Roble close to Puntarenas we found a surfer camp for staying at night. It was the mega moon night. So it was the brightest and biggest moon since the 80ies. Great experience to see this kind of moon at a clear night (in Costa Rica)!

At 5:15 surfers woke us up and there was no chance to sleep longer. We knew it will be a long day driving, so we left early in the morning. Traffic was easy and at late morning we had picked up the glasses in San José. That was the result of nine days waiting: Happy Kali! 😀

We continued on the road Panamericana south and climbed up the mountain to the fog forest Los Quetzales. From sea level in the morning up to about 3000 meters it took long time. It was foggy, rainy and pretty cold up there, but after the summit the weather changed and we could enjoy the awesome nature around.

It was already dark, when we arrived at a restaurant close to the border. They had a delicious pizza and allowed us to stay overnight at their guarded parking lot. Next morning we were ready to cross the border to Panama!

We really liked Costa Rica. The people are nice and familiar and the nature is awesome. Also the variety of animals is so amazing. It was a pity that we weren’t able to explore more of it, but we were a bit unlucky with the weather. This country is really worth it to come back one day again.

Costa Rica: The capital San José

Kali brought Kathi and Peppi to the port, where a ferry goes to Puntarenas a few times a day. In the meanwhile Jules and Kali spent the next two nights close to the port at a nice beach. Public transport is pretty cheap in Costa Rica, but often not so easy. There are about twenty private companies with buses, which go only some routes and bus stations are often not located at the center.

Kathi and Peppi enjoyed the ride on the ferry for about 1 ½ hours. In Puntarenas we took a collectivo to the bus station and got the last seats in a bus to San José. After 2 ½ hour drive we arrived at late afternoon in the center of San José and went by taxi to a hotel. First we thought it is way too much overpriced, but both were tired and didn’t want to look for another hotel. The staff was really friendly and instead of the normal price 65 $, we got it for the local price 40 $ inclusive breakfast. 🙂

 Also a local bar was around the corner with good prices: Three tequila for about 1,50 and a beer for about one dollar. 😛 We spent many hours there and tried not to think about the next day. Close to midnight we went to bed and got up early next morning. After the breakfast we left the hotel and Peppi booked a hostel at the Parque Nacional for the night. We walked around and did some sightseeing in the busy town. It is a nice and clean city, but not so much to see.

 After a little nap in the hostel Peppi went with Kathi to the airport. It was so hard to say good bye, but everybody knew that it isn’t for a long time. Also Kali and Peppi will go back home to Austria in about a month. Travelling with her was a pleasure. Both were wondering that their relationship is still so good working after such a long time without each other. But it is real love!

Peppi went back to the hostel in San José and got up early next morning, because he wanted to catch the first bus back to Puntarenas.