Adventure diving Cenote Dos Ojos and the reef by Mahahumal

Just a few kilometers south of our campsite we had arranged two dives at the Cenote Dos Ojos. Cenotes are unique and you can find them only in the peninsula Yucatan and Belize. Maybe it would be the last chance for us to dive into one. For these kind of caverns we didn’t needed an extra course. Maximum deep was 9 meter and somewhere you can always see a kind of natural light in the water.

We dived down and entered a new fascinating world of stalactites and stalagmites. In the caves only the flash light (and a line ;-)) shows you the winded way passing these over millions of years built sculptures. For a while we entered a little hall with a little hole in the ceiling. It was called the bat cave and yes, there are hundreds of them. 😛 It was a nice experience to dive in a cavern, we will never forget. But we think the colorful ocean with big wildlife is what we prefer.

At late afternoon we continued to Tulum and refilled our food storage. It was raining all the time. Close to the ruins we found a nice little campsite at the beach. It was already dark and at a near restaurant they extra opened the kitchen for us. Not everybody became what he ordered, but it was also very good. Next morning the weather turned better and we went to the beach for a while. You can also see the ruins from there. Close to midday it changed and we decided to head south to Mahahumal.

Between palm trees we found a nice campsite near the center of the town. The sunshield of the van was also the rain shield for the next two days. They even closed the harbor for one day, because the north wind waves were too high. We stayed most of the time at the campsite. But we achieved great barbeque with worst conditions. Weather became better and then we discovered Mahahumal.

It was a little fisher town with less tourism, until they built a docking port for cruise ships and a water park near a few years ago. At normal days when you pass the streets there are less people. Everybody seems lazy and slow. When a cruise ship arrives for seven hours, the little town gets awake and hundreds of stalls are on the streets. The restaurants are nearly full with Dollar tourists and they can use the second (or third, when they have one for locals) menu with higher prices. Every five minute somebody wants to sell you handmade stuff at the table. But normal days are OK!

For the next day we fixed a dive tour to the Reserva de la Biosfera de Banco Chinchorro, a big reef about 30 km away from the coast. The waves from the north were also very high that day. It lasted longer than expected to get us to our first stop. They drop off some snorkeler and then we prepared to dive about 300 meters away. At the beginning of the sinking process a nurseshark came very close. Face to face Peppi needed much more air at this moment.

Then we got used to him and he followed us most of the dive. The reef was great and full with wildlife, but the visibility was not the best that day. In 22 meters dept the colors are also more faded. A little fisher cabin on a pile construction in shallow water and mangroves near was our restaurant for lunch. We docked at the hood and they served fresh ceviche and sodas. The fisher guy lives since 42 years most of the time there. Our guide didn’t recommend us to go swimming in this area. Many of crocodiles were waiting near for a human snack.

With filled stomachs we went a bit north for our second dive. We really enjoyed it for more than 50 minutes, all the time admiring this astonishing wildlife and colorful reef down there. Marcus lost the bet for a round beer. He was the first who ran out of air. On the way back Dirk, the owner of the diving school, was not happy about the dives. Usually there are much more animals and the sight is better. So he suggested making us a gift for another dive the next day at the reef by Mahahumal. Equipment, air bottles and boat is on him and he only charged a little tip for our guide and the boat captain. That was a great deal!

Next morning we went back to the diving school and prepared for a dive. Only a few hundred meters from the coast we started properly one of our best dives for 55 minutes. Great colorful reef with many canyons and amazing wildlife! Huge sea turtles weren’t impressed when we floated next to them. We caught plenty of lion fish and two dolphins passed our way. These were the highlights, but we also saw plenty of crayfish, crabs and other colorful fishes.

When we came back to the base, our guide Ricardo prepared Ceviche with the fresh caught lion fish and we enjoyed it with nachos. We had many fun the last two days and were fulfilled with great impressions. Many thanks to team of the diving school Amigos del Mar for the adventures we will never forget!

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